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Physical Organic Chemistry (for B.Sc. students)

Course Description



  1. Course headlines (by the chapter number in the textbook)
  1. Introduction and a short review of valence bond theory (VBT)
  2. Basics of molecular orbital theory (MOT) and the Huckel’s theory of MOT
  3. Aromaticity and its application
  4. Pericyclic reactions
  5. Hammet’s equation, Isotope effect, chemical kinetics and related topics
  6. Organic acids and bases



  1. Goal
  • The aim of this course understanding all fundamentals of physical organic chemistry. The course gives an introduction to several physico-chemical tools used in the elucidation of reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry. The specific goal of this course is to introduce the students to concepts necessary to solving mechanistic organic problems encountered in the research laboratory.


  1. Scores
  1. Midterm (headlines 1-3): 10 points
  2. Final exam (headlines 4-6): 10 points


  1. The textbook (available in Persian only)
  • Physical Organic Chemistry Structure by Hossein Tavakol and Kaveh Hemmat, Publisher: Jahad-e-Daneshgahi of IUT,  1st ed, 2014 (1393)



  1. Other references for more study (Available in English):
  1. Modern Physical Organic Chemistry by V. Anslyn and D. A. Dougherty Publisher: University science books, 2006
  2. Physical Organic Chemistry by N. S. Issacs, Publisher: Longman, 1993
  3. Mechanism and Theory in organic chemistry by Lowry, T. H. Richordson, K. S. Publisher: Happer & Row, 1987
  4. The Investigation of Organic Reactions and Their Mechanisms by H. Maskill, Publisher:  Blackwell, 2006


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