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Research Projects

Graduate education projects
Synthesis of propargylamines, benzofurans and naphthofurans using deep eutectic solvents based on choline chloride
Nucleophilic Addition to Nitrene, Nitrostyrene and Nitroepoxides in Deep Eutectic Solvent and Theoretical Investigation of Thiourea Formation
Preparation of New Iron Oxides and Graphene-Based Catalysts and their application in the synthesis of N-Heterocycles
The Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds using Coated Nano Magnetite and Choline chloride/tin(II) Chloride Deep Eutectic Solvent and Theoretical Study of Drug Adsorption, Sensor and Catalytic Capability of Doped Carbon Nano Structures
Synthesis of sulfur-doped carbon nanostructures and theoretical study of their applications as sensor and adsorbent
Synthesis and characterization of coated magnetic nanocatalysts and choline chloride-zinc chloride DES and employing them in the multicomponent synthesis of heterocycles; Theoretical study of inter and intramolecular proton transfer in selenobarbituric ac
Synthesis of graphene from recycled polypropylene using chemical vapor deposition and coating of graphene and cobalt hydroxide on titanium dioxide nanotubes to enhance photoelectrochemical performance
The synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube-based aerogel and it’s catalytic application in the reduction of ?-nitrostyrenes
The synthesis and characterization of 3D-graphene and its catalytic application in the conversion of B-nitrostyrene deriviatives to phenylethylamines
Synthesis and characterization of decorated nickel nanoparticles on phosphorous-doped carbon spheres and their applications in the catalytic reduction of nitrobenzene
The application of nitrogen-modified graphene as a metal-free carbocatalyst in the solvent-free oxidative coupling of amines
The synthesis of gold nanoparticles on simple and sulfur doped carbon spheres for desulfurization of model fuel
Preparation of sulfur-doped CNTs using Co (0) and spinel cobalt catalysts, their abilities in hydrogen evolution reaction
Synthesis of sulfur-doped carbon nanofiber and porous nanocarbon using chemical vapor deposition and their applications as morphine sensing
Investigation of the effect of catalyst's nature (TiO2, Ni and Co) and growth's temprature on the morphology and structural properties of simple and sulfur-doped carbon
Synthesis of Plane and Sulfur-Doped Carbon Spheres for Polysulfone Composite Membranes and their Application in Methylene Blue Removal
Synthesis of Si-doped carbon nanotubes and their application in hydrogen evolution reaction
Synthesis of 14H-dibenzoxanthene derivatives using immobilized tin on silica nanocatalyst
Synthesis of thiourea derivatives using choline chloride-urea eutectic solvent and DFT study of the mechanism of dicyan's hydrolysis in the presence of acetaldehyde as organocatalyst
Growth of Nitrogen-, Phosphorus- and sulfur Doped Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes using Chemical Vapor Deposition
Multicomponent synthesis of 4H-pyrans derivatives using Fe3O4@Asp as magnetic nanocatalyst
The study of substituent effect on the structure, stability and bonding properties of single and triplet carbens and carbenoids
Theoretical investigation of structure, stability and bonding properties of rare gas structures and study about adsorption of small molecules on the surface of simple and sulfur doped graphene
Electrocatalytic effect of [RuCl3(phen-dione)(CH3CN)], [RuCl(phen-dione)(tptz)](PF6)2 and [RuCl(phen-dione)(CH3CN)3](PF6)2 complexes on the reduction of CO2 to CO; Preparation of Dy2O3 nanoparticles from precursor complex, [Dy(MeO)3(DMF)3(H2O)2]; Computat
Theoritical Study of Non-Covalent Interactions of Sulfur-Doped & Pristine Carbon Nanotubes & Fulerenes with Some Small Molecules
Study of the different structures of the complex of 5-aminotetrazole and hydrazine in the first exited electronic state and their absorption spectra and using photoelectron spectroscopy to evaluate the optimized structures in the ground electronic state
Theoritical Study of Adsorption of Water-Soluble Ions by Simple and Doped Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
Removing Cd2+ from water and wastewater by blowy sand
University Research
computational study of non-adiabatic level crossing
study of intra and intermolecular proton transfer between tautomers in different organic compounds
Determination of properties of Hydroxamic acids tautomers and transition states by quantum calculations
Calculation of properties, energy and relative stability via study of tautomerism in hydroxyimidamides
The synthesis of nitrogen containing compounds via one step reduction
future industrial researches
synthesis of some important drugs
Projects with Industry
Preparation of software to determine the heat of formations for chemical compounds
Study of possibilities and abilities in Sistann & Baloochestan and determination of industrial chemistry investigation priority for creating new industrial units

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Research Projects | Professor Hossein Tavakol


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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی