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Oil removal from water using highly hydrophobic, ultralight carbon microspheres March 2020
Gold-decorated sulfur-doped carbon nanotubes as electrocatalyst in hydrogen evolution reaction              Summer 2020
Synthesis of α-cyano hydroxylamine via three-component reactions and Computational mechanistic study        February 2020
Choline chloride‐urea deep eutectic solvent as an efficient media for the synthesis of propargylamines via organocuprate intermediate Summer 2020
Sulfur–doped Graphene as an Efficient Metal–free Carbocatalyst for the Synthesis of 1,5–Benzodiazepines Derivatives             January 2020
Theoretical calculation of simple and doped CNTs with the potential adsorption of various ions for water desalination technologies February 2020
Conversion of β-Nitrostyrenes to Naphthofurans via a Cascade Reaction with α- and β-Naphthols Summer 2020
Synergism effect of first row transition metals in experimental and theoretical activity of NiM/rGO alloys at hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolyzer Summer 2020
AMBER Force Field Parameters for Cobalt-Containing Biological Systems: A Systematic Derivation Study  January 2020
The synthesis of sulfur-doped carbon nanofibers using chemical vapor deposition on the nickel-ferrite catalyst and the gold decoration of the product for morphine sensing Summer 2020
Antiproliferative activity of morpholine-based compounds on MCF-7 breast cancer, colon carcinoma C26 and normal fibroblast NIH-3T3 cell lines and study of their binding affinity to calfthymus-DNA and bovine serum albumin           September 2019
Polysulfone-highly uniform activated carbon sphere Mixed-Matrix Membrane intended for efficient purification of dye wastewater    May 2019
Synthesis Of di- and tri-substituted thiourea derivatives in water using choline chloride–urea catalyst February 2019
Mechanistic details for the reaction of methyl acrylate radical anion: a DFT study Reaction Kinetics, December 2019
Synthesis of Si-Doped CNT and Its Catalytic Ability in Hydrogen Evolution Reaction      January 2019
Immobilized Gelatin–λ–Carrageenan on Magnetite Nanoparticles as an Efficient Organocatalyst for Enantioselective Biginelli Reaction     March 2019
DFT study on the mechanistic details of the hydrolysis of dicyan using acetaldehyde as the first organocatalyst April 2019
Adsorption of CO2 on sodium iodide (NaI) n (n≤ 10) clusters: A density functional theory investigation December 2018
Synthesis of phosphorus doped carbon nanotubes using chemical vapor deposition  April 2018
Synthesis of multi-walled phosphorus and sulfur co-doped CNTs October 2018


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