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Synthesis of sulfur-doped carbon nanotubes from sulfur powder using chemical vapor deposition               August 2018
Theoretical study of the possible mechanisms for the synthesis of dialkyl thiourea from dithiocarbamate May 2018
High Catalytic Ability of Fe3O4/EDTA Magnetic Nanocatalyst in Comparison with Various Deep Eutectic Solvents for One-Pot Synthesis of 4H-Pyrans December 2018
A DFT study on the catalytic ability of aluminum doped graphene for the initial steps of the conversion of methanol to gasoline         March 2018
Synthesis of highly uniform sulfur-doped carbon sphere using CVD method and its application for cationic dye removal in comparison with undoped product December 2018
Polystyrene bis[N-(2-pyridyl) sulfonamide] palladium(II): Synthesis, characterization as a catalyst for coupling reactions  May 2018
Preparation of choline chloride/urea deep eutectic solvent-modified magnetic nanoparticles for synthesis of various 2-amino-4H-pyran derivatives in water solution      November 2017
Study of binding energies using DFT methods, vibrational frequencies and solvent effects in the interaction of silver ions with uracil tautomers    February 2017
DFT, NBO and molecular docking studies of the adsorption of fluoxetine into and on the surface of simple and sulfur-doped carbon nanotubes        October 2017
Synthesis of 14H‑dibenzo xanthene derivatives using choline chloride/tin(II) chloride deep eutectic solvent and Fe3O4/ƛ‑carrageenan/Zn(II)  January 2017
Zinc cation supported on carrageenan magnetic nanoparticles: A novel, green and efficient catalytic system for one‐pot three component synthesis of  quinoline derivatives August 2017
Theoretical investigation on the performance of simple and doped graphenes for the surface adsorption of various ions and water desalination  December 2017
One-pot synthesis of quinoline derivatives using choline chloride/tin (II) chloride deep eutectic solvent as a green catalyst May 2016
The synthesis of coumarin derivatives using choline chloride/zinc chloride as a deep eutectic solvent January 2016
A sulfur doped carbon nanotube as a potential catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction        May 2016
Molecular dynamics study of biodegradation of azo dyes via their interactions with AzrC azoreductase  Winter 2016
A molecular dynamics investigation on the interaction properties of AzrC and its cofactor December 2016
A simple synthesis of sulfur-doped graphene using sulfur powder by chemical vapor deposition March 2016
Study of noncovalent interactions of end-caped sulfur-doped carbon nanotubes using DFT, QTAIM, NBO and NCI calculations   March 2016
The Substituent Effect on the Energy Profiles of Inter and Intramolecular Proton Transfers between Phosphine Oxide‐Phosphinous Acid Tautomers July 2016


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