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Journal Papers
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Coupled cluster, MP2, and DFT study of structures, stabilities, vibrations, and bonding properties of XXeOH (X= F, Cl, Br, and I) March 2014
Removing Cd2+ from water and wastewater by blowy sand; the effects of total hardness and pH Spring 2013
Barrierless Inter and Intramolecular Proton Transfer; A DFT Study of Tautomerism in Microsolvated and Protonated Systems Spring 2013
DFT and MP2 Study of Low barrier Proton Transfer in Hydrazide Schiff Base Tautomers via Water Bridges and in the gas August 2013
Synthesis, structural and theoretical studies of Pd (II) complexes containing an orthometallated C, C-chelating phosphorus ylide Fall 2013
DFT Study of Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters of Tautomerism in 4-acyl Pyrazolone Summer 2013
Conference Papers
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Tautomery scheme in 4-acyl pyrazolone February 2012
The Effect of Water on the Equilibrium and Rate Constant of Tautomerism in Hydroxamic Acids February 2011
Theoretical study of inter and intramolecular proton transfer in N-hydroxy amidines June 2011
tudy of Isomery Scheme in Acetyl Hydrazides by DFT Calculations February 2011
Theoretical study of some recently synthesized mercury and cadmium complexes with N, N-bis (3-(2nitrophenyl)propenaldehydene)-1, 2-phenylenediamine September 2011
Theoretical studies of some new synthesized four coordinated cadmium complexes February 2011
Theoretical study of some recently synthesized mercury complexes with a Schiff base ligand September 2011
A Theoretical Investigation Structure of Two Ionic Liquids (C6H5)3PH+[As2S3X]-, (X= Cl, I) February 2011
Computational Study of dynamic properties and level crossing in 2-(pyridin-2-yl) furan-3-ol September 2011
Quantum mechanical study of interaction between 1-methyl-2-thioxoimidazolidin-4-one and I2 in the gas phase February 2011
Computational study of inter and intramolecular proton transfer in amidrazones June 2011
DFT study of rate and equilibrium constants in tautomerism of organic structures September 2011
Ionic Liquids: Synthesis and Characterisation of Triphenylphosphonium pentachlorohalophosphate (C6H5)3PH+[PCl5X]-, (X=F, Cl, I) , (TPPPCHP) September 2010
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Hammett equation in the rate and equilibrium constant of keto-enol tautomerism February 2012


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