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Conference Papers
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ynthesis, spectral and theoretical studies of some new zinc and cadmium complexes of a bidentate ligand September 2010
Study of tautomerism in azirine and related systems: DFT calculations in the gas phase and solvent June 2010
Synthesis, identification and theoretical study of some cadmium azides and thiocyanate complexes September 2010
Synthesis, characterization of two new phosphates ionic liquids September 2010
Ionic Liquids: Synthesis and Characterisation of Triphenylphosphonium pentachlorohalophosphate (C6H5)3PH+[PCl5X]-, (X=F, Cl, I) , (TPPPCHP) September 2010
Synthesis, spectroscopic, theoritical and electrochemical studies of some new Zn(II), Cu(I) complexes September 2010
Synthesis, spectral, theoretical and electrochemical studies of some new complexes ofmercury and cadmium with a new asymmetric Schiff base ligand September 2010
Synthesis, identification and theoretical study of some mercuric halide complexes September 2010
Synthesis, spectral and theoretical studies of some new complexes of Zinc halides September 2010
Investigation of Hydroxamic Acid Tautomers by DFT Method September 2009
Investigation of Tautomerism in Amidoximes by Theoretical Method September 2008
Study of undergraduate chemistry education in Iran 9th European Conference on Research in Chemical Education July 2008
Synthesis of α-hydroxy amino phosphonates from aldehydes September 2007
Direct conversion of epoxides to alpha substituted phosphonates and beta-hydroxy phosphonates in lithiumperchlorate/diethyl ether solution September 2006
One-pot reduction of aldimines in LPDE 5M March 2006
Synthesis of α-Cyanohydroxylamines from Aldehydes September 2006
Preparation of secondary amines from one-pot reduction of ketimines September 2006
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Computational Study of Thiohydroxamic Acids Tautomers April 2009
Preparation of hydrazones from one-pot reduction of ketohydrazones May 2007
Multicomponent Additions to C=N Double Bond in Lithium Perchlorate July 2006


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